Faerûn (map) is a sub-continent comprised of the western part of an unnamed supercontinent on Toril in the Forgotten Realms. This continent also includes Kara-Tur and Zakhara. Maztica is far to the west, across an ocean called the Trackless Sea. The subterranean regions underneath Faerûn are called the Underdark.

Faerûn includes terrain that is as varied as that of Europe, western Asia, and much of Africa is on our planet Earth.

Besides the exterior coastline to the west and south, the most dominant feature on the continent is the Sea of Fallen Stars. This is an irregular inland sea that keeps the neighboring lands fertile and serves as a major trade route for the bordering nations. Next in significance is the Shaar, a broad region of grasslands in the south that, together with a large body of water called the Lake of Steam, separates the area around the inland sea from the coastal nations at the southern edge of the continent. To the east, Faerûn is bordered by a vast region of steppe that separates it from Kara-Tur. In the north are massive glaciers, named Pelvuria and Reghed, and a region of tundra. South of the continent, separated by the Great Sea, is a sub-tropical land called Zakhara.

Northern Regions

To the northwest, Faerûn is a region of wilderness, difficult winter weather, hordes of orcs, and barbarous human tribes. This region is generally referred to as “”/wikis/The%20North/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The North“. It is a mostly-untamed region that lies between the large ”/wikis/Anauroch/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Anauroch desert in the east and the expansive Sea of Swords to the west. This area contains huge wooded regions such as the High Forest and the Lurkwood, the frozen Icewind Dale to the north, and an untamed region called the Savage Frontier, which includes the Silver Marches (Luruar). The coastal region is called the Sword Coast. Here lies the city-state of Neverwinter and the large port city of Waterdeep. Deep inland is the ancient dwarven citadel of Mithral Hall.

North of the Sea of Fallen Stars is a region that stretches from the wide Anauroch desert in the west to the eastern edge of the inland Moonsea, in the northern region of the continent. It is a region of contrasts, with the forested Dalelands, the desert wastes of Anauroch, the coastline of the Moonsea with the infamous Zhentil Keep, and the bitterly cold steppes of The Ride. Along the east coast of the Dragon Reach (a northern branch of the Sea of Fallen Stars) is a temperate region called The Vast, consisting of farmlands, forests and the Earthsea mountains. This area includes the city of Ravens Bluff.

Northeastern Faerûn is a remote area that begins in the cold, forbidding lands along the great ice sheets and continues south toward the northeastern shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is bordered on the west by the mountain-hemmed land of Vaasa and stretches east to the vast steppes of the Hordelands. This region also contains the lightly populated kingdom of Damara, the druidic forests of the Great Dale, the coastal kingdom of Impiltur, the fallen and once evil empire of Narfell, and the trading nation of Thesk. Mystical Rashemen is a land ruled from behind the scenes by spiritual witches.

Middle Lands

The western part of Faerûn includes the nations south of Waterdeep and north of the Shining Sea, that border along the Sea of Swords. The west includes the city of Baldur’s Gate, the nations of Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, the region of Western Heartlands and the elven stronghold of Evereska.

With the exception of the Shining Plains, the interior lands of Faerûn lie along the irregular coastline of the western Sea of Fallen Stars. In the north the Dragonmere arm of the sea extends far to the west, ending close to the Western Heartlands. To the south, the Vilhon Reach forms a second arm leading to the southwest. The notable areas within this region include Chondath, Cormyr, the Dragon Coast, Hlondeth, the Pirate Isles, Sembia, Sespech, Turmish, and the Shining Plains.

Along the eastern expanses of the Sea of Fallen Stars, the water forms a long arm that travels to the east before turning south to become the Alamber Sea. The northern nations of this mysterious area are sometimes referred to as the “Unapproachable East” and the southern nations the “Old Empires.” This region includes the nations of Aglarond, Altumbel, Mulhorand, Murghôm, Thay and Unther. Chondalwood is a long, forested region to the south of Chondath and Chessenta.

Southern Nations

To the southwest lies along the great Chultan peninsula that juts out toward the west. The waters to the north are named the Shining Sea, a body bounded by Calimsham to the north and joined to the Lake of Steam through the Straits of Storm. To the south of the land is the Great Sea. Located in this area are Chult, Lapaliiya, Samarach, Tashalar, and Thindol.

South of the Sea of Fallen Stars is a region somewhat isolated by the Lake of Steam in the west, and the vast length of the Shaar. It is bordered along the south by the Great Sea; to the west by the Chultan peninsula region, and in the east by Luiren. The south includes the Border Kingdoms, Dambrath, the Great Rift, Halruaa, the Lake of Steam, and the Shaar.

South and east of the grassy plains is an area known as the Shaar, along the shores of the Great Sea opposite the land of Zakhara. The region includes the lands of Durpar, Estagund and Var the Golden (collectively called the Shining Lands), Luiren, the land of Halflings, Ulgarth, the easternmost extent of Faerûn, and Veldorn, the land of monsters.


The immense complex of caverns and passages that lie beneath many parts of the continent of Faerûn is known as the Underdark. It contains cities of the elf-related drow including the infamous Menzoberranzan and the ruins of Ched Nasad, as well as Maerdrimydra, Llurth Dreir and Sshamath; cities of duergar such as Gracklstugh and Dunnspeirrin; and almost unpronounceable cities of creatures called the kuo-toa, illithids, and beholders.

Largest Cities in Faerûn

  • Waterdeep in the Sword Coast region with a population of 1,348,000.
  • Skuld in the Mulhorand region with a population of 205,000.
  • Calimport in the Calimshan region with a population of 193,000.
  • Gheldaneth in the Mulhorand region with a population of 172,000.
  • Unthalass in the Unther region with a population of 165,000.
  • Suldolphor in the Calimshan region with a population of 144,000.
  • Bezantur in the Thay region with a population of 137,000.
  • Eltabbar in the Thay region with a population of 123,000.
  • Athkatla in the Amn region with a population of 118,000.
  • Zazesspur in the Tethyr region with a population of 116,000.
  • Cimbar in the Chessenta region with a population of 111,000.

Most Populous Nations in Faerûn

  • Calimshan with a population of 5,340,000,000.
  • Mulhorand with a population of 5,340,000,000.
  • Thay with a population of 4,920,000,000.
  • Unther with a population of 4,260,000,000.
  • Chessenta with a population of 3,390,000,000.
  • Amn with a population of 2,960,000,000.
  • Sembia with a population of 2,460,000,000.
  • Chondath with a population of 1,980,000,000.
  • Turmish with a population of 1,690,000,000.
  • Halruaa with a population of 1,680,000,000.
  • Cormyr with a population of 1,360,000,000.
  • Damara with a population of 1,320,000,000.
  • Great Rift with a population of 1,310,000,000.
  • Aglarond with a population of 1,270,000,000.
  • Impiltur with a population of 1,210,000,000.


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