Sword Coast

The Sword Coast (map) is a region on the northwest coast of Faerûn on Toril in the Forgotten Realms.


The region stretches from Waterdeep in the south to the Spine of the World in the north, and from the Sword Coast in the west to the Long Road in the east.

Geographical features



Swamps and marshes


The first great realm to appear in the region known as the Sword Coast north was that of Illefarn. Existing thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Illefarn was a contemporary of Netheril, consisting of both dwarves and elves. Illefarn survived the Fall of Netheril, until the elves left for Everneeet. Northlanders and other humans began migrating into the region a few years before 1 DR.

Notable locations


Other locations

Sword Coast

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